Now I switch a little to English. Over the day I had to translate a lot so I´m feeling ready to do this. Below you can see a few old graphics I did in the last one an a half years. I have more of them. If you want to see more: please let me know…

In the last hours I did a few prototypes for new stencils. My friends told me the last few were good and I should do more. So it was my turn to be not too lazy. If they´re finished I’ll show you the results. I have planned to arrange all of them in a big collage, but now its only a dream. But it will come true, I promise…

OK fellas so long for now

I hope my English is not too shocking for my German based readers. I try to reach a broader range of people. (At last you can see it on my world map, that I have readers focussed only in my native language area, haha. Lets change this!)


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